Is banana good for dogs or not? Know Reality in 2023

Is banana good for dogs ? Yes bananas are good for dogs health but exceeding the feeding limit can be unhealthy for your dogs health.
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Vegetables and fruits can be good for your dog’s health but not every fruit and vegetable is healthy for your dog. There are more than 2000 different fruit types in the world and among them, bananas are the most popular and number one fruit in the world. Bananas are easily available at nearby stores, are cheap fruit, and are loved by everyone not only humans but animals also love eating bananas.

Before feeding bananas let’s discover the answer to whether are bananas good for dogs. The answer is Yes. Bananas are beneficial for the health of your dogs but you should follow the rules of feeding bananas. 

Is banana good for dogs?

Yes, bananas are good for your dog’s health but exceeding the feeding limit can be unhealthy for your dog’s health. I think you are ready to learn whether a banana is good for the dog or not. Let’s deep dive into the topic of why bananas are good for dogs.

Is banana good for dogs

Benefits of bananas for dogs

Every dog owner wants their dog healthy and long life. For this bananas can be the feed for your dog’s health. Bananas have the same benefits for dogs as humans. There are a lot of benefits to feeding your dog bananas. Among them, some of the main health benefits are shared and we can say that bananas are beneficial for dogs.

Help in maintaining Healthy Blood Pressure

Bananas have natural minerals which are good for dogs. For maintaining healthy blood pressure potassium and Vitamin B6 can be beneficial. Bananas are rich in these two nutrients. These minerals are helpful in regulating the blood flow of your dogs. Healthier health function is possible with low blood pressure.

Good for Strengthen Muscles

Bananas contain an essential mineral called Magnesium. This mineral is helpful for muscle maintenance. Banana plays an important role in muscle maintenance as it is rich in magnesium. If you want your dog to be active, make sure that your dog’s muscles should be strong. To do that you can feed your dog, bananas.

Help in Reducing Calcium Loss from Bones

As we know, the loss of calcium from bones occurs in humans, in the same way, it is in dogs. For reducing this calcium loss from the bones in your dog bananas are here to help. There is a mineral called potassium in bananas that helps in reducing calcium loss.

Help in Improving Brain Function

What we do is because of our brains. It depends on our brain which instruction should be followed. Right decisions can be possible if our brain is sharp. Bananas contain Vitamin B6, which helps in solving this problem. Bananas help in sharpening the dog’s brain.

Help in improving the digestive system

Bananas contain dietary fiber, which helps in regulating the digestive tract of dogs. 2.6 grams of dietary fiber is present in medium size of bananas. For improving the digestive tract you should feed your dogs bananas.

The disadvantage of Feeding Bananas

We have discussed some important benefits of feeding bananas, now let’s talk about the downside of eating bananas. Everything has a limit, if you follow it is good but ignoring and breaking the rules turns the advantage into a disadvantage. 

For dogs, bananas are beneficial, but exceeding the feeding limit will cause some serious issues. We will discuss later, how many bananas can I give my dog. First, we should know why feeding bananas are not good for dogs. Bananas contain sugar and starch, and the number of grams a banana contains can not be ignored. Around 14 gram of sugar and 6 gram of starch is present in the medium size of banana. 

Are sugar and starch bad for your dogs? Yes, it is because the number of sugar in bananas and starch is high. This can cause serious issues like weight gain, upset stomach, diarrhea, constipation, and obesity. All of these issues can occur just because of high sugar levels. Avoid feeding bananas too much. Here a question arises How much should I feed bananas to my dog or we can say should I feed my dog banana every day? Let’s discuss this so that we can start feeding our dogs perfectly and with a healthy feed.

How much banana can I give my dog?

For better health and to avoid any serious issues, the experts recommended half medium-sized bananas for middle to old-age dogs. If your dog is below the medium make sure to feed only some (not more than 3) small slices.

Can I feed my dog bananas every day?

No, You should not. Make sure to feed bananas to your dog as a treat. Don’t put this in your dog’s daily diet as it can cause serious issues as we already discussed, But why feeding bananas daily is not safe? Bananas are rich in sugar, and high sugar is not good for dog health. High intake of sugar can cause diarrhea and in some dogs, it can cause constipation. Around 14 grams of sugar is present in medium-sized bananas so try to follow the rules of feeding bananas. 

is banana peel good for dogs?

You can feed your dog banana peel, as it is not harmful or toxic for dogs. But the recommendation is that you should not feed banana peel because it is difficult for dogs to digest and it can upset the dog’s stomach.


Bananas are the perfect fruit for dogs to eat but if we follow the feeding banana rules. Bananas are rich in natural minerals like potassium, Magnesium, Vitamin B6, etc. These all minerals are helpful for dogs’ mental strength, and muscles, protect against the loss of calcium from bones, and provide energy. Moreover Bananas contain dietary fiber which is helpful to regulate the digestive tract. 

Keeping all these benefits can motivate you to feed your dogs bananas as they are safe. But at the same time, bananas have a downside. As bananas are rich in natural minerals, they also contain high sugar, an estimated medium-sized banana has around 14gm of sugar. A high intake of sugar is not good for dog health as it can upset the stomach and cause diarrhea. From here two question arises how much should we feed and is it safe to feed our dogs bananas every day?

Further, we have answered these questions for a small dog feeding only some slices of banana. Some mean only 2 to 3 small slices. For medium and old dogs feeding a half banana is enough. We cannot exceed this limit because of sugar as it causes issues with dog stomachs. Remember another thing do not feed bananas regularly, try to feed them as a treat. 

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some related questions regarded to bananas that are asked by dog owners. We have tried to answer some of these questions, you can check them also.

Is banana good for dogs with diarrhea?

No, we will not recommend feeding bananas to dogs. Bananas are actually the main reason for diarrhea. Bananas are rich in sugar and high sugar causes diarrhea. To avoid diarrhea follow the feeding banana guidelines which have been discussed already.

Is raw banana good for dogs?

Raw bananas can be good to eat but they can cause gas issues in dogs. To avoid this try to feed only yellow bananas according to the feeding guidelines.

Is banana good for a pregnant dog?

Yes, it is good for pregnant dogs to eat bananas. Bananas are rich in minerals like magnesium, potassium, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin C and with high fiber in it. All these nutrients can boost the immune system of your pregnant dogs.

Are dried bananas good for dogs?

Yes, fresh, frozen, or freeze-dried bananas are good for dogs but make sure that there should not be any inclusion of sugar, sweeteners, or any other unhealthy or harmful ingredients. Dry bananas are also known as banana chips.

Is banana pudding good for dogs?

Strictly prohibited. You should never feed your dog banana pudding. It contains high sugar and other harmful chemicals or ingredients which can cause serious issues in dogs. Remember whenever you see high sugar content try to avoid it for dogs.

Is mashed banana good for dogs?

It is good for dogs but remember the quantity you have mashed. If you have a small dog then some small slices (2 to 3) are enough and for large and medium dogs half a medium size banana is enough. To keep this in mind try to feed the same amount of mashed banana.

Is saba banana good for dogs?

Yes, it is good to eat for dogs, but keep in mind the feeding procedure and follow the guidelines according to your dog’s size. We have discussed already the banana feeding according to small. Medium and large-size dogs.